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Kogao Meiku Beruto


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Kogao Meiku Beruto

Kogao Meiku Beruto
Kogao Make Belt

Temos estoques no Brasil (Porto Alegre/RS)
Frete SEDEX ou PAC( favor informar o CEP)

Para diminuir queixo duplo, inchaço, flacidez.

Composição: terra amarela, germanio, platina, pó de lavas

- Não utilizar o belt para outros objetivos.
- Para dormir com o belt,cuidado para não apertar muito. Deixar suficientemente afrouxado.
-Não deixar o belt ao alcance das crianças.
-Suspender o uso, caso sentir dor ou adormecimento no local.

Não deve utilizar o belt:
- Pessoa em tratamento dentário ou que esteja usando aparelho
para correção.
-Pessoa que tenha ferida ou ferimento não cicatrizado no
local onde o belt aperta.
-Jovens menores de 18 anos, na fase de desenvolvimento, não
deve usar belt apertado.


Face shaping tools hit the shelves for self-change
Written by: Sascha Faustka on September 28, 2008 at 11:59 pm | In Fashion & Lifestyle Trends |

Unsatisfied with your face? Is your mouth too wide or your head too big? Do you want to change the shape of your face without an expensive operation? If you feel like this, you may not be alone, as it seems that a lot of Japanese people might think the same way.

Flipping through fashion magazines or switching through the channels on the television in Japan, it won’t take long to figure out that there are certain face and body types that appeal to Japanese tastes. Nowhere else in the world are young people are trying so hard to look like their idols, and are willing to spend so much money on fashion and beauty.

The cosmetic industry therefore offers a widespread quantity of products: from simple make up, to lash and hair extensions, and contact lenses to make your eyes look bigger - all quite common products people elsewhere in the world use as well.

But here are two products you may not have heard of so far:
People thinking to have a too big face or want to get a slimmer cheek, strain skin, or get rid of a double chin could be helped by the Kogao Meiku Beruto (small face make belt). According to the manufacturer, the face will become smaller and slimmer by just stringing the belt around the head while sleeping or relaxing. Sounds easy, right?

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